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联合国2010年度回顾(双语) [复制链接]

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2010 —A year when the earth shook and millions struggled to survive. The UN mobilized relief–and was called on to provide long-term solutions for the planet , for peace, nuclear disarmament, climate change  and universal human rights.
2010年,这一年发生了地震,数百万人挣扎着求得生存。联合国调动救援。人们要求联合国为这个星球的和平、核裁军、气候变化以及普遍人权提供长期的解决办法。 更多信息请访问:http://www.24en.com/
UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon: "The great goals are within reach. We can achieve them by looking forward, pulling together, uniting our strength as community of nations, in the name of the larger good."
In January, one of the deadliest earthquakes in history struck Haiti, already the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. 300,000 people lost their lives as large parts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, became a graveyard. Aid came in, but the logistical challenges were many. Despite the difficulties, the United Nations delivered millions of food rations and doctors from all over the world helped the injured.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the devastated country:"This is a moment of sadness, but it is also a moment of Haiti's need."
Haiti's tragedy was also a tragedy for the UN. 101 staffers lost their lives when the UN mission's headquarters collapsed. Miraculously, one staff member, Jens Kristensen was found alive after being buried in rubble for five days.
As the UN family mourned its loss -- the Organization pledged to carry on:"They chased the flame. Wherever they went, they carried the light of hope. We will never forget you -- we will carry on your work."
A special relief coordinator was appointed:
President Bill Clinton:"The thing that impresses me is how in the midst of this awful tragedy they are imagining a future."
This clothing factory and some schools re-opened quickly -- but rebuilding the country is a slow process. A hurricane and floods also struck Haiti -- then a cholera outbreak prompted a new emergency appeal.
In 2010, there was tragedy in Pakistan, where massive floods destroyed a quarter of a million homes. One fifth of the country was under water. The UN launched a major airlift and tried to drum up donor support. But many people are still homeless. What's more, receding flood waters washed up landmines from recent conflicts -- a dangerous trap for many.
In Niger, more than 7 million people, about half of the population, lost their crops and livestock in a severe drought. Nearly 80% of Niger's children are malnourished. The World Food Program rolled out emergency food assistance in Niger and neighbouring Chad to keep families fed through the lean season, when food is in short supply and prices go up.
This year, more than 124,000 UN peacekeepers were deployed in 16 missions around the world. In Darfur, badly needed helicopters finally arrived at the UN peacekeeping mission, where peacekeepers helped distribute ballots for Sudan's first multi-party election in 24 years. After decades of conflict, members of this remote cattle camp at the Nile river see the elections as an opportunity for peace:
MANGOK MAPER, Cattle Herder: (Dinka)"During the war I thought that I was going to lose my life. Now we have peace in this land and I don't want to die."
At UN headquarters,heads of state warned that Sudan's future depends on the successful outcome of referenda next year, in which the south of the country will vote on possible independence from the north.
US President, Barack Obama:"No one can impose progress and peace on another nation, ultimately only Sudanese leaders can ensure that the referenda go forward and Sudan finds peace."
In the Democratic Republic of Congo peacekeepers escorted villagers travelling long distances to a market in North Kivu. Rebel groups were operating in the area, often robbing and killing civilians.
VILLAGER: (Swahili)"Looting and pillaging has now stopped afte MONUC started the escorts."
Peacekeepers stepped up their patrols after they failed to prevent the gang-rapes of hundreds of women by the rebels. Margot Wallstrom, UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, visited victims and saw peacekeepers trying their best to secure a vast area.
Margot Wallstrom: "I have witnessed firsthand their determination to do all they possibly can to protect civilians, but the reality is that they are overstretched and underresourced."
To prevent rapes, some refugee camps have introduced solar stoves so that the women don't have to go out and collect firewood any more.
In Somalia, thousands of people fled the latest deadly clashes in Mogadishu. Off the nation's coast, 20 ships and more than 400 passengers are held by pirates, according to the World Maritime Organization.
In Afghanistan, delegations from 70 countries agreed on an Afghan-led political framework for peace and reconciliation. But new reports show a sharp rise in insurgent attacks -- including a 55% increase in children being injured. Despite Taliban threats, more than 4 million people voted in the parliamentary elections in September.
UN Special Representative for Afghanistan Staffan de Mistura:"Afghanistan is still a country in a very tense conflict. The fact that the election took place at all -- is an accomplishment in itself."
The Middle East Quartet urged all the principal players to keep the peace process between Israel and Palestine going.
Israeli President, Shimon Peres:"(We are now negotiating with the Palestinians in order to realize the two-state-solution) A Jewish state, Israel. An Arab state -- Palestinian. There is no other peaceful alternative to that conflict."
Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas: "Our wounded hands are still able to carry the olive branch from the rubble of the tree that the occupation uproots every day."
In a joyful break from the tensions in Gaza, more than 6,000 children took part in a kite flying contest at the UN Relief and Works Agency' summer camp -- and set a new world record.
65 years after Hiroshima, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared that it was time to free the world of nuclear weapons. Ban Ki-moon: "…this is the only sane path."
In Prague, the US and Russia signed a new arms reduction treaty and at the UN the 189 Member nations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty agreed to cut nuclear arsenals in a series of small steps.
UN Messenger of Peace, Michael Douglas: "It is my profound hope that we could be witnessing the beginning of the end of nuclear weapons."
Even as the UN pushes for a ban on all nuclear tests, there's still concern that North Korea and Iran are attempting to make nuclear bombs.
BAN KI-MOON:"I call on Iran to fully comply with Security Council Resolutions and fully cooperate with the IAEA. I encourage the Democratic People's Republic of Korea … to realize the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."
2010 is the year of biodiversity. These orphaned gorilla babies in Congo lost their parents to poachers. Peacekeepers airlifted them to a nature reserve to help reduce illegal trading in endangered species. In Nagoya,the 193 members of the Convention on Biological Diversity vowed to halt the loss of the world's plant and animal species, increase protection for the world's vital ecosystems, and to share the Earth's genetic resources equally.
This year heads of State gathered at the UN to review progress on the Millennium Development Goals to create a world free of extreme poverty by 2015.
A lot has been achieved since the year 2000: Three million more children survive past the age of 5 every year. More than five million people in developing countries have access to affordable drugs for HIV/AIDS-and millions more boys AND girls are going to school. For the first time in decades significantly fewer women are dying in childbirth. Promoting the interests of women and girls across the globe, the UN created a new entity for Gender Equality, called UN WOMEN.
自2000年以来,我们取得了很多成就:每年可以活过5岁的孩子增加了300万;在发展中国家,能获得支付得起的艾滋病治疗药物的人增加了500万;能走进学堂的男孩和女孩也增加了数百万;死于分娩的妇女人数几十年来第一次大幅减少。为在全球范围内提高妇女和女孩的权利,联合国创建了一个新的机构——联合国妇女署。 更多信息请访问:http://www.24en.com/
With a billion people still hungry, the challenges facing the world are tremendous.
The UN worked together with governments the private sector and even royalty. Queen Elizabeth the Second came to the UN more than 50 years after her first visit:
"We are not gathered here to reminisce. In tomorrow's world we must all work together as hard as ever if we are truly to be UNITED NATIONS."
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